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One Vision Ltd has already completed an extensive range of commercial digital installation and service work. The main focus of the business is the installation and upgrading of new and existing properties to Digital, together with installing digital aerials digital / Communal TV and Satellite Systems.

Contracts range from as small as ten outlets to several hundred outlets with complex distribution systems.

We offer a full, design, installation and maintenance service IRS, MATV and SMATV systems. From 5 channels to 30 channels, Free to Air or subscription channels, all equipment is of a professional standard. An off-site remote access can be offered to monitor the system and make channel changes. Welcome pages and radio stations can also be provided. Whether this is a new installation or an upgrade of an existing system, it is carried with the least amount of disruption.

All systems are installed to British standard BSEN60728-11 2005

The challenge of switching over to digital TV is not limited to residential property. Schools, hotels, hospitals, care homes, student accommodation must all consider their options and the implications of switchover. There will be specialist considerations for each property manager. This section identifies some of the issues and options for different types of property. You can also use this section as an area for discussion that will provide valuable insights from you and your industry colleagues and act as a platform to identify useful solutions

Tourism and Leisure

The digital switchover means that all UK tourist and leisure facilities will have to go digital to continue delivering TV services to rooms, bars and facilities. For holiday accommodation providers changes will have to be made to equipment in rooms, and/ or to the system delivering the TV signal.

Student Accommodation

Maintaining continuity of television services throughout switchover will be important for universities and colleges, and student property managers, as part of the provision of good quality student accommodation or to support teaching and administration. Student Unions
will also need to be reminded that televisions and recording devices in bars, common rooms and offices will also need attention before
switchover. Planning ahead is the way to achieve this, not least so that costs can be built into future investment plans.

Care Homes

For residents in care homes, the television is often the central focus of entertainment, companionship and contact with the world outside the home. We know from research that both residents and managers regard it as very important.

Commercial Property

Wherever TV equipment is being used, it will need to be checked and the appropriate action instigated to ensure continuity of service beyond switchover.

This applies equally to commercial as well as residential accommodation. Accordingly property managers for shops, offices, leisure facilities, pubs, clubs, airports, and train, bus and coach stations will need to consider the infrastructure that supports their TV equipment, in conjunction with the freeholder/ leaseholder.


All schools whether they are state or private (including boarding schools) will need to get ready for switchover. Where TVs are used exclusively for playing DVDs or Videos, they will not require attention for switchover. However, in all other instances e.g. TVs are used in staff or common rooms and where the TV is connected to an aerial system, the aerial and equipment will need to be checked and/or upgraded to receive digital signals after switchover.

Prisons and secure accommodation

Decisions about and responsibility for the provision and upgrade of TV services in prisons lies with the Ministry of Justice

Responsibility for TV services in secure accommodation, detention centres, bail hostels etc. lies with the Home Office.

Contact us for information on how to get your prison ready for the digital TV switchover.

In many instances Health Trusts have contracted out the provision of bedside TV's (and phone services) to provide, independent companies such as Patientline. These organisations will need to ensure that TV services, for patients, are provided after switchover in conjunction with the property managers for the hospitals in which they are operating.

Barracks and service quarters

The Ministry of Defence has responsibility for Armed Forces accommodation which includes married quarters and barracks for Army, Navy and Air force personnel.

All TV equipment and aerial systems that have been provided and installed by the MOD in service quarters and training locations will need to be checked before switchover.

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